Jewelry DIY - Crafting your own Accessories

I wanted to share some jewelry DIYs, that are a little different than the more popular ones floating around right now. Here are some more unique ones I've come across recently.

Make your own colored pencil jewelry over at DesignMom

A simple ribbon and pearl necklace at Flax&Twine 

 Lego jewelry on Instructables

Zipper bracelet on CutoutandKeep.
 Love the versions others have done at the bottom of that page!

Cutting earrings out of lace on TheCupcakeDiary

What is your favorite piece of jewelry you have made so far?


  1. Great ideas! I love the strand of pearls!

  2. Wonderful ideas! I'm loving the pencils and the zippers!


  3. Really fun ideas. Love it!

  4. seriously such adorable ideas!! love! thanks for sharing :]

  5. the pencil jewelry blows my mind. i can't tell you how many colored pencils i've thrown away because my kids leave them lying all over the house and i get tired of seeing them. you've inspired me to save those buggers and try to make something new from them!