DIY Galaxy

Have you seen the new
Galaxy print trend?
It's gorgeous!  
As much as I adore that skirt, it's a little out of my price range (as i'm sure it is for MANY)

Over at Miss Omni Media, they have a tutorial to get this effect.

Here's another photo tutorial from SZmoon

Take this idea and run with it!
I'm sure it would be easy to splotch the bleach in a ring pattern to get a nice orbit effect,
or make clusters of stars.
Take it to that black shirt you don't wear anymore, or go even further...
The back of that denim jacket from last season.
Use paint by itself on those heels, or your school backpack!



Mini Milkshake Shooters

Mini Milkshake Shooters?


DIY Wallclock

Like this wall clock?
It's made out of the markers that your kids left on the floor with the caps missing.
You can make one too! 
The only things you need?
Markers, a drill, tape, pencil, pliers, and a clock mechanism.
Check out the Shelterness blog to find out how!


Grown Rings

Grow a masterpiece


Recycling Tee Shirts

Ever wondered what to do with your old tee shirts
once they get stained or worn out or end up with holes?
Take a little bit of inspiration from these amazing folks.
Or just buy them pre-made from them. :-)

Angela Johnson makes a fantastic line of clothes from T shirt scraps. 

Another fantastic designer is 
If you haven't heard of her, start off by looking through her Recreation 09 collection.

You know that you want those leggings....