Rainy Day

It's been raining off and on the past two days. It has been amazing. 
I love the rain. 
Everything about it. Especially storms. Thunder and lightning. 
The house we're currently in doesn't have a big enough front porch to sit outside without getting wet unfortunately. Growing up, we had a huge carport with plenty of room to stay dry while watching the show.
The above photo I took today, and there is actually a rainbow in there (which you can't see. baha)

Slugs for your rainboots by WithTheRain

Cloud Necklace by WhatANovelIdea

 Photo from weheartit


DIY Kits

Recently, DIYs are a big hit, even for people who don't normally DIY.
Nothing makes it easy like having kits available at your fingertips to try out a new craft!
Especially kid friendly crafts. Even if you don't have a little one, you can still have fun with these.

build your own ice cream sundae at Mixingbowlkids

BugnBird has DIY pinback button kits

All the supplies you need to build a fort at SaltwaterKids

CreatureComforts shows you how to make your own Smores kit


Start of a Photo Journey

With a new phone comes new toys. I've been playing around with a few different fun camera apps. Everyone loves using instagram so much, i've been trying to find a good android substitute for it. I've used FXCamera and Camera Illusion on my previous phone, so I instantly downloaded those. 
I also nabbed two other apps. LittlePhoto and Mytubo. 
Mytubo seems to be the "winner". Its the easier to use, has a built in sharing community, and quick social networking uploads. It doesn't have as many filters as some of the other apps, but I think once you get to a certain point, they're not as needed.  If I want to do extensive editing, I can open up in photoshop instead.

I want to get into the habit of taking photos. I'm not all too comfortable in front of the camera, and I'd really like to turn this into more of a "my" fashion type of blog, so I need to start somewhere. I'm going to start with trying project 365. Just taking one photo every single day for a year. I'll upload them over to my twitter right away. Once a week I'm going to do a post with my 7 photos for that week.

As i've been playing, I've taken these over the weekend/today.

Yes that's my cheesy smile. I do quite a bit of cheese smiles. :-)

Does anyone else use Mytubo? Here's my upload stream.


Galaxy Shoes

I've recently become addicted to Wanelo. It's very similar to Pinterest. The only difference really is that Wanelo is a little harder to learn and navigate, is entirely too slow, and it's meant for products. 
The tagline on the main page is "find unique products from stores you've never heard of". Probably not great for someone with a shopping addiction to browse.... haha.

Tonight I'm browsing shoes. 
I have an obsession with galaxy print. I don't own anything in it, (hmm why not!?) but I do love it. 

Wanelo brought me to this brand new Etsy shop called KillerConstellations. I have a feeling I should keep following them... I bet they end up carrying some great designs. 

Before I signed off, I came across these beauties.
Jeffrey Campbell Brit Boot. 
You can never own too many boots with straps all over them.
*wipes drool off the keyboard*


Lets Her Hair Down

she lets her hair down from tiger in a jar

A gorgeous video from Tiger in a Jar. 


Felt Raincloud Brooch

Bugs and Fishes has this great tutorial on making your own raincloud brooch out of felt.

To make your own clouds you will need:
- a needle, a pin, scissors, and the template at the bottom of this post
- white or grey felt to make the cloud and blue felt to make the raindrops
- thread to match the two colours you choose
- embroidery thread to match your raindrops
- a large needle to sew the embroidery thread
- silver and blue round sequins
- a brooch clasp or safety pin

Want to see the rest? Stop by the bugsandfishes blog! Plenty more photos and  step by step process