Instagram: 4th of July, mountain views, and a deer head

*Fourth of July nails and necklace.
 *Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights in front of a sunset.  
 *A few shots of the fireworks, that were REALLY lame by the way. 
*Jewelry that I should probably put away...

*My grandmother shipped us a pizza! She overnighted it from our FAVORITE place back home. 1500 miles away, in a tiny town called Waverly, is the best garlic pizza I've ever had in my life!
*Me and one of my besties, Tayler having an amazing time during a Radio Republic show. Rockabilly music makes a good night better.
*Two pairs of pants. Both I've had since Jr High. Which makes them about 10+years old. haha!

*After paying retail on my favorite bars, I decided to buy them online. The package arrived!!!
Spirulina, Lemon dew, and Raspberry Chocolate. Mmmm
*Chuck went out and bought this metal deer head while I was at work one day. I came home to a note on the door that said "don't feed the cage animals". Cute...
*Two shots of the sunset from the Wichita Mountains.


Geometric Painted Bags


Gorgeous isn't it? 
The perfect mix of the red pattern underneath, with a spunky geometric print on top.
Can I say spunky? Oh well. I just did.

via pinterest

You can take these same concepts and design your own clutch. 
Find something that isn't too tough to paint. Meaning, pick a sturdy leather or vinyl. I'm sure you can do this on softer leathers as well, but it might be easier on something a bit stiff. Nab some acrylic paints in whatever color you want, and go crazy. To get long straight lines, painters tape might be the way to go. For other patterns, look for fun stencils to use. With stencils, you may even be able to use spray paint.

Head over to Mr. Kate to find a few other ideas.
 They've painted up quite a few bags!


Fashion and Beauty uses for Dawn


Who would have thought there would be so many amazing uses for Dawn dishsoap?
 Here is a short list of things this stuff is supposed to do:

Remove red wine from a carpet. Mix one part Dawn dishwashing liquid with two parts hydrogen peroxide (available at any drug store), pour it directly on the stain.
Takes stains our of clothes. Use the same mixture as above for the carpet, and add it to hot water. Dunk whatever clothes you have right in there for a few minutes.
Give yourself a manicure. Stick some Dawn in a dish (don't dilute it) and let your nails soak. It softens your cuticles and removes any oils from your nails so polish will stick easier.
Hair degreaser. Supposedly, this can work just like a deep cleansing shampoo.
Face wash. Great for oily skin, and mild enough to use every day. 

Also on the list of things this bottle can do:
Kills ticks and fleas on pets. Can be mixed with a bit of water in ziplock bags for freezable ice packs. Use as a weed killer (mixed with salt and vinegar). 

Try doing a search on Pinterest for Dawn Soap and see what you come up with. 
What have you used dishsoap for that is out of the norm?