Outfit 5/31 Antique hunting

Red racer back tank
Black tank
Mustard lace top from Forever21
My favorite pair of jeans from US Polo 
Boots from Shoe Carnival
Vintage beaded necklace
Vintage ceramic fish (broken bracelet DIY'd into a ring)

 Today was my first weekday I have taken off work in a few months. I went up to pick up my mom to spend the day with her. It was quite the relaxing day! Did a little bit of shopping downtown in the antique stores, bought myself some new shorts and capris (I had one pair that fit me. eeek!), and scored a handful of denim to destroy. I'm hopefully going to turn a few pairs of jeans into cut off shorts, and attack them with studs, bright colored dye, fabrics, and whatever else I may come across to add on!

 I bought that brass deer statue for $3!! It will make a great ring holder.

Me and the Momma bear being silly, or well, normal to us!

My uncle also just bought a brand new house. Lets just say, it has a LOT of land. 
This is the view from his driveway, out back. Absolutely gorgeous!! 

Has anyone else seen the film Troll Hunter? It's shot in "found footage" style of a group of students who follow around a guy whose job is to hunt down trolls that are causing problems. It's a foreign film. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. It's a bit boring at times, but by the end it's worth it. A huge bonus is where it was shot. The scenery in the entire movie is completely amazing. Anyways, any time I pass huge electric lines like that? I think of that movie. They were used to keep trolls in! 
I may need to set up a night camera and see if I can spot any wandering monsters. ;-)


Weekend in Instagram 5/25

Dr Philgood and the Lets Get it Ons
New blue and berry dip dye

We drove four hours away and these guys just wanted to play Golden Tee. Weirdos.


Really? There's a place that exists with this name?  
There would be a guy with a cowboy hat standing under the sign, wouldn't there be? hehe

Rain rain rain


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Spring Cleaning your Closet - Part 2

I've finally started working on cleaning out my closet. 
I really didn't know it would be this time consuming! WOW! 
The first thing I decided to sort through was shoes. I think this decision pretty much made itself due to the fact I kick them off when I get home and needed to actually pick a bunch of them up before getting to my spare closet. baha. I know I didn't get rid of many in the end, but I still think I did good!!


Most of my heels. I'm not a fashion snob, if they look good with an outfit, I buy.
That means anything from those blue and white striped Gianni Binis I nabbed at Dillards, to others here from Ross, Kohls, and even Hottopic. Yup, I own NO 'high end' expensive shoes.
 Nothing I own cost me over $50 besides my running shoes. Crazy? Possibly. 

Boots!!! The short black studded ones are simple, from Shoe Dept. and I wear them at least twice a week. They fit perfectly and go with so much. The white ones on the end are in need of a DIY. The buttons on the side jingle... to the point of obnoxiousness. If I can't rip them off, they're going in the goodbye pile eventually. Snakeskin heeled roach killers over on the left. Vintage cowboy boots I snagged off Etsy next to those. The woven pair next to it are the most COMFY flats for winter. Guppy Love- they feel like feet sweaters!!

Out of that whole bunch, the pair I love the most are the Steven Madden ones that are orange and yellow. Very chunky heels. Sadly, these are too big. I have to wear multiple pairs of socks with them so I don't wear them too often. I need to figure out how to get them into more outfits.


 Flats and sandles.
Some are missing. Green chucks, my current running shoes, two pairs of black vans. 
I'm sure more will turn up I forgot about. hehe.

Now for the ones I decided to get rid of.
One pair of these in particular breaks my heart. The BKE heels on the bottom. They're so worn out though that the heels are started to bend in, and theyve stretched out a bit. Probably because I wore them about 4 times a week for a year straight. *sigh*
7 pairs. 2 sneakers. 3 heels. 1 flipflops. 1 flats.
That doesn't seem like quite the downgrade, but I suppose 7 is better than nothing, right? 
All these went into a bag and put in the corner to start my donation pile.

Maybe after I'm done with my whole closet,
 I'll give it a few months and go through it again getting rid of anything I haven't worn from now until then.

Missed part one? I'm trying to simplify my wardrobe
Weed out things I don't wear, are too worn, or don't fit correctly.


Enchilada Stuffed Mushrooms


Last week I turned these lovely baby bella mushrooms into a tex mex meatless treat.
Enchilada stuffed mushrooms.
I found the recipe on another website and went at making it myself.
 I will link to the original recipe at the bottom. I will also note that there aren't any 'real' amounts here because I tend to do everything in the kitchen by sight. That makes for some scary results sometimes, but this one worked out well. I'd say you can use less or more of certain ingredients to adjust this to your tastes. 

I used:
Cream Cheese
Shredded cheese (parmesan and 'taco mix')
taco seasoning, paprika, pepper
green onion
enchilada sauce

If you like them spicy, add extra taco seasoning, and some extra peppers or spice.
Play with the cheese mixture.
I'm sure there are other add-ins that would be great too! 

I made mine twice. Once to bring to work, and again the next night for dinner. 
Mix, fill mushrooms, top with enchilada sauce, and bake.
The ones I did for work, I baked in the morning and then transferred them to a slow cooker and kept it on low heat throughout the day. They were still great 8 hours later!
Oh, and I had none left. Near the end of the day, a few people ran to grab whatever what left. :-)

Before the enchilada sauce.
I didn't get a photo after they came out, but they looked pretty similar to these ones.

Get the FULL recipe here, at Laurens Latest.


My Weekend in Instagram 5/19



Photos 1,2, and 3 are from a local bands show on Saturday night. Dr Philgood and the Lets Get It Ons.
I loved their neon tip sign.  They're a fairly indie band, with a dj. That's the guy you see with the puppet. He's so full of energy. Even if you don't like the music, you can't help but get up and dance!

Photo 4 was frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf. 
What are those little colored ball that pop and explode like a Gusher in your mouth? They have like 3 flavors. Not sure what they are, but they're my new favorite topping. Nomm nomm.

The last two were of the eclipse last night. The part of Texas I'm in was lucky enough to get the tail end of it. The moon was passing over the sun just as the sun was setting. The photos are a little darker than they should be. No filters were used, but the only way to get something besides a completely orange/yellow circle was to use my sunglasses. Yes, I used my sunglasses as a lens! Held them up in front of the camera to get the bright glow down. The first one is quite a bit darker than what it was. The second one isn't too far off. The sunset was a gorgeous pink/orange glow. 

Did anyone else get a chance to see the solar eclipse? 


Mustard Yellow Finds

Taken by me via Instagram. 8th St Coffee House. 






Spring Cleaning your Closet - Simplify your Wardrobe

I need to do some spring cleaning. Mostly, it needs to be on my closet. 
Can I use the singular form 'closet' even though I have way more than one clothing location? hahah.
This house has two closets total. One in each bedroom. No linen closets or coat closets in the entry way, nothing! It makes it really hard to keep your things organized when you are sharing them with the manpiece. 
Right now I have one full closet, one half closet, a shelving unit, and half a dresser.

There is one closet. All my tank tops, and a rack of shoes (flats, sandals, and smaller sneakers) are visible. To the right is all my long sleeve shirts. Not a whole lot because it's only cold 2-3 months of the year here in Texas. To the left is all my skirts and dresses and some fun randomness like halloween costumes. 
We won't talk about how old some of those are.

Yikes. Lets see, all my shorts, some jeans, lounge pants, denim skirts, a ton of graphic tees and band tees.
Oh, and that box on top holds all my tights and leggings. 

Like I said. That's all just a portion of what there is. All my short sleeve blouses are in the other closet. 
We won't mention how many pairs of jeans are next to the bed on the floor.
Now is the the time to clean them out. I think this calls for a series of posts on how to simplify your wardrobe. Not only are some of my pieces old, worn out, and never worn, but I've also lost quite a bit of weight. I probably have 10 pairs of jeans and shorts that are STILL too big on me even with a belt. hehe.

Have you cleaned out your closet lately? 
Have any inspiring photos or stories to share about it?


Vintage Charm Bookmarks

I've been busy tonight!!
I've been meaning to make these lovelies for a few weeks now. With my work schedule being up in the air, and not getting home until it's time to cook dinner, do some chores, shower, and crash... I've been void of any energy at all lately. Add in another week of feeling like death (was that a sinus infection? flu?eh, either way, it sucked!) I finally dragged my butt to the back room and got to work on my new project.

Bookmarks. Each is one of a kind, and made out of vintage charms and jewelry bits. Pictured are the first three I have finished and ready to photograph. The string lace ribbon is a nice addition, but that velvet brown is my favorite. I may have to make a handful of these for myself I just adore them so much! 

This is just a tiny tiny sneak peak. More amazingness to come! :-)