Painted Pumpkins

It's almost that time of year....
My favorite holiday. 

Time to get out the pumpkins and come up with a display. 
Do you place your pumpkins outside or display them inside? 
Carve them or paint them?
One or a dozen?
The choices are endless.



I've had an interest in handmade fashion for awhile now. How did it start?
For me, a few years ago I was searching Ebay for something. I'm not sure what I was searching for.
I came across a few shops. One of which was Wearydrearies
She had randomness in her shop. Little quotes that made little sense, but somehow fit perfectly. Something along the lines of "she enjoys crushing aluminum cans", as an example.
I looked at the items in her shop, and instantly fell in love. At that time, I'd  never spent more then 25 bucks on a single clothing item, so I couldn't dream of spending the money on one. But she was added to my favorites list as I wished over and over I could own something, but what would I even wear it for? 

Somewhere along the way... wearydrearies moved to Etsy. I'm not sure when it happened. I was just browsing some blogs (maybe it was livejournal?) one day and went "um. wow. that style looks vaguely familiar".

The link brought me to Etsy. I'd heard of it, but never visited. After finding her shop, I spent some time browsing her sold items, and bookmarked the page. I had to come back.
Shortly after, I set up an account. I loved to fiddle around with jewelry, and this place seemed like the perfect place to sell it. I got set up, and quickly began hearting all these shops I fell in love with.
Thats when I remembered her shop.
I added it to my list of "hearts" and have come back every now and again to check it out.

Every time I have the money together to think about buying something like this, something pops up and I need to spend it elsewhere. Still, to this day I haven't payed over $50 for a single item of clothing. Once i'm able to do it? This will be it. Something in her shop.
It's staying on my wishlist.


Maximo Riera

Have you heard of Maximo Reira? 

If not, you should take a look at his designs.
He has some impressive pieces from the past, but his most recent project will simply blow you away.

The Animal Chair Collection is simply amazing.
See it all here