Pinterst Pinday: Purple Pink




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Inspired By: Bows

 hairbows at bricolage


DIY bow bracelet tutorial from melissaesplin

Bows from the neotraditionalist


Balenciaga - SS12 pre collection

The Belanciaga collection for the Spring/summer collection packs a pretty bright punch.
There are quite a few wearable pieces mixed in. Basic white tops, some of the pants, and even a few pairs of the shorts all seem to transition well into street wear.
Bold geometric shapes seem to be a common trend with many designers right now.
These metallic colors are fantastic and really would pop if you matched one piece with some plain black.

image from trendland


Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

Have you seen the nail art done by using a cup of water? 

This is actually quite a bit easier than I thought it would be!
I found a youtube channel that explains it fairly well.
 I've seen photos, but this is the first video I've come across, and it makes sense now.
Just make sure you tape off your fingers so clean up is easier. ;-)


Valentines Day DIYs

Make your morning cofee or tea a little more fun with this great idea.
 Using a paintbrush and some red food coloring, you can draw tiny hearts on sugar cubes.

Add some hearts to any baked products or puddings you make.
Just drop some circles onto your yummy food, and run a toothpick through them.
Imates at de dulle aarde show a set by step.

Never picked up a card?
Head to Glossed and Found to snag some printables.
Print, fill out, done. :-)


Valentines Day: Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

A Beautiful Mess has an amazing set of recipes up on how to make 

Want two servings? 
4-5 cups milk
1 cup dark chocolate chips
2-3 drops red food coloring

Add strawberry syrup and white chocolate chips for a pink chocolate version! 
Many more photos and recipes over here.


Lanvin Pre Fall Winter 2012: The Shooting

 Entire Lanvin collection here.


DIY Shoes

Just some of the amazing DIY shoes that I've come across from other fantastic bloggers recently.

Dolce & Gabbana inspired heels by LoveMaegan

Bedazzled wedges from SewingInStilettos

Adding your own fringe from TheDaintySquid

Glitter heels from Wobisobi