Spring Cleaning your Closet - Part 2

I've finally started working on cleaning out my closet. 
I really didn't know it would be this time consuming! WOW! 
The first thing I decided to sort through was shoes. I think this decision pretty much made itself due to the fact I kick them off when I get home and needed to actually pick a bunch of them up before getting to my spare closet. baha. I know I didn't get rid of many in the end, but I still think I did good!!


Most of my heels. I'm not a fashion snob, if they look good with an outfit, I buy.
That means anything from those blue and white striped Gianni Binis I nabbed at Dillards, to others here from Ross, Kohls, and even Hottopic. Yup, I own NO 'high end' expensive shoes.
 Nothing I own cost me over $50 besides my running shoes. Crazy? Possibly. 

Boots!!! The short black studded ones are simple, from Shoe Dept. and I wear them at least twice a week. They fit perfectly and go with so much. The white ones on the end are in need of a DIY. The buttons on the side jingle... to the point of obnoxiousness. If I can't rip them off, they're going in the goodbye pile eventually. Snakeskin heeled roach killers over on the left. Vintage cowboy boots I snagged off Etsy next to those. The woven pair next to it are the most COMFY flats for winter. Guppy Love- they feel like feet sweaters!!

Out of that whole bunch, the pair I love the most are the Steven Madden ones that are orange and yellow. Very chunky heels. Sadly, these are too big. I have to wear multiple pairs of socks with them so I don't wear them too often. I need to figure out how to get them into more outfits.


 Flats and sandles.
Some are missing. Green chucks, my current running shoes, two pairs of black vans. 
I'm sure more will turn up I forgot about. hehe.

Now for the ones I decided to get rid of.
One pair of these in particular breaks my heart. The BKE heels on the bottom. They're so worn out though that the heels are started to bend in, and theyve stretched out a bit. Probably because I wore them about 4 times a week for a year straight. *sigh*
7 pairs. 2 sneakers. 3 heels. 1 flipflops. 1 flats.
That doesn't seem like quite the downgrade, but I suppose 7 is better than nothing, right? 
All these went into a bag and put in the corner to start my donation pile.

Maybe after I'm done with my whole closet,
 I'll give it a few months and go through it again getting rid of anything I haven't worn from now until then.

Missed part one? I'm trying to simplify my wardrobe
Weed out things I don't wear, are too worn, or don't fit correctly.

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  1. i miss buying hoardes of shoes. *sniff* :) good job on the cleanout!