Spring Cleaning your Closet - Simplify your Wardrobe

I need to do some spring cleaning. Mostly, it needs to be on my closet. 
Can I use the singular form 'closet' even though I have way more than one clothing location? hahah.
This house has two closets total. One in each bedroom. No linen closets or coat closets in the entry way, nothing! It makes it really hard to keep your things organized when you are sharing them with the manpiece. 
Right now I have one full closet, one half closet, a shelving unit, and half a dresser.

There is one closet. All my tank tops, and a rack of shoes (flats, sandals, and smaller sneakers) are visible. To the right is all my long sleeve shirts. Not a whole lot because it's only cold 2-3 months of the year here in Texas. To the left is all my skirts and dresses and some fun randomness like halloween costumes. 
We won't talk about how old some of those are.

Yikes. Lets see, all my shorts, some jeans, lounge pants, denim skirts, a ton of graphic tees and band tees.
Oh, and that box on top holds all my tights and leggings. 

Like I said. That's all just a portion of what there is. All my short sleeve blouses are in the other closet. 
We won't mention how many pairs of jeans are next to the bed on the floor.
Now is the the time to clean them out. I think this calls for a series of posts on how to simplify your wardrobe. Not only are some of my pieces old, worn out, and never worn, but I've also lost quite a bit of weight. I probably have 10 pairs of jeans and shorts that are STILL too big on me even with a belt. hehe.

Have you cleaned out your closet lately? 
Have any inspiring photos or stories to share about it?


  1. Saddly my house only has one closet.... so my room is always covered in clothes, lol.

    1. Yikes. I thought I had it bad with only two! I don't think I could make it work with only one. LOL!

  2. It all looks very organised and folded. I have a walk in closet that I share with my husband and its turned in a pile that you have to route through to find anything! I think I may need a Spring clean and some hangers!