Start of a Photo Journey

With a new phone comes new toys. I've been playing around with a few different fun camera apps. Everyone loves using instagram so much, i've been trying to find a good android substitute for it. I've used FXCamera and Camera Illusion on my previous phone, so I instantly downloaded those. 
I also nabbed two other apps. LittlePhoto and Mytubo. 
Mytubo seems to be the "winner". Its the easier to use, has a built in sharing community, and quick social networking uploads. It doesn't have as many filters as some of the other apps, but I think once you get to a certain point, they're not as needed.  If I want to do extensive editing, I can open up in photoshop instead.

I want to get into the habit of taking photos. I'm not all too comfortable in front of the camera, and I'd really like to turn this into more of a "my" fashion type of blog, so I need to start somewhere. I'm going to start with trying project 365. Just taking one photo every single day for a year. I'll upload them over to my twitter right away. Once a week I'm going to do a post with my 7 photos for that week.

As i've been playing, I've taken these over the weekend/today.

Yes that's my cheesy smile. I do quite a bit of cheese smiles. :-)

Does anyone else use Mytubo? Here's my upload stream.

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