DIY Galaxy

Have you seen the new
Galaxy print trend?
It's gorgeous!  
As much as I adore that skirt, it's a little out of my price range (as i'm sure it is for MANY)

Over at Miss Omni Media, they have a tutorial to get this effect.

Here's another photo tutorial from SZmoon

Take this idea and run with it!
I'm sure it would be easy to splotch the bleach in a ring pattern to get a nice orbit effect,
or make clusters of stars.
Take it to that black shirt you don't wear anymore, or go even further...
The back of that denim jacket from last season.
Use paint by itself on those heels, or your school backpack!

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  1. I love this tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm totally getting out the old t-shirts, bleach, and my sewing machine out tonight!

    Tiffany Barry
    Making businesses succeed one article at a time!