Music Monday - Dan Tedesco and Colossus of Rhodes

I wrote this yesterday. Apparently, I hit save instead of publish.
So this is music Monday, as seen on Tuesday. heheh
A small taste of who I saw live this past Friday.

Colossus of Rhodes
A little bit of a funny story. While these guys were performing, they mentioned that "The Minor Prophets cd has been in my car since they came to town and I got it". The minor prophets is the band my boyfriend is in, and they played with these guys in Lubbock, TX a few weeks ago. While at that show, me and Chuck (the bf) picked up a copy of CORs cd. Funny enough, their cd hasn't left my car cd player since then.
I like good metal. I really like good local metal.
This is the only cover song I've heard them do, but they do it like a boss!
What's better than a good cover song? One with a video of zombies... fast zombies.
Find them on facebook and give a few songs a listen on reverbnation.

Dan Tedesco
I had no idea this guy was opening Friday night up until a just a few hours prior to the show. It's a little folk rockish. I was wondering how well that would fit with the other band. Also, I wondered if it would bore me. Lets face it, most slow moving guitar stuff like this just isn't high energy enough for me while at a pub. I want to move around and get up and dance, not cry into my beer, which a lot of similar music feels like.
I went in with my doubts, and they were turned over quite quickly.
 I was highly impressed.
This guy is am absolutely amazing guitar player, and has a fantastic voice. I loved all his originals, but I must say this above video I found was the best cover he did. I even had to grab a Tshirt before leaving. He was that good! If you like lighter rock, check him out. Especially if you're in his hometown area of Chicago, IL.
Find him on facebook, twitter, as well as his own website.

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