Cleaning the Closet - Part 3 Bags and Belts

I made the decision to try to simplify my closet a bit.
Getting rid of anything that is too worn out, no longer fits, or that I haven't worn in over a year.
My first post didn't go so well.
I only ended up getting rid of 7 pairs of shoes. Out of... well... um...

This time I went for all my belts, anything that ties, and purses.

I can't figure out if I did better, or worse on these ones.
That is everything.

This is what I ended up keeping. Honestly, ALL my scarves, because I do wear them. 
Whether its in the winter, or as belts, they get worn. 

What I decided to part with...

Don't just, that's 6 pieces!!!
And it ended up being seven. I took a belt off my jeans last night and it broke.
Maybe that one was a little past due? hehe.

The 'keep' pile of purses. I also have a bright purple Kathy purse not pictured, as well as a long pink fossil, and a short black xoxo bag. These are currently in use so they got left out.

The two I'm getting rid of. Lets face it, that green is NOT a very nice color, but matter how fun it is.
And that tiny pink and black one is, tiny. And stiff. Just not worth it.

Eh, maybe skirts and dresses will do better. I think that is next on my list. I have a feeling most of them that will be leaving will be because they no longer fit. The joy/agony of losing weight. ;-)

How long do you hold onto items before giving them the boot?
 Do you horde things in your closet or do you like less clutter? 

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  1. I think you are very brave. I don't think I could ever get rid of any of my purses/bags - unless, of course, they are falling apart. Then I gladly part with them... :) -Shirley