Avengers Makeup Eyeshadow

I think this falls under being able to be a nerd AND look stunning, at the same time.
Jangsara is a makeup blog I came across for the first time. Thank you pinterest! She has tons of really unique looks, as well as some more neutral pieces for those who just need some eyeshadow tips. 
This serious just blows my mind though. I've loved all the Avengers movies. I will admit, I never read the comics. I was a book girl, and had it in my head growing up that something with so many photos just couldn't be as good to read as something with no images.Since the movies started coming out, I've seen them all, and read up on many of the characters. These looks would be perfect to wear out to the next flick, for a Halloween party, or just to support your favorite character.
She even gives links to each character step by step and tells you what products were used. Sweet!

While hunting, some other super hero pieces came up as well.
(click images for sources. I highly recommend the batman lips on the second link)

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