Cake pops for the 4th of July

Get started on your baking for this weekend and Wednesday a little bit early!
Cake balls are still popular, and since they're bite sized, they're perfect for your 4th of July activities.
Bring em to a bbq, carry a container to munch on during the fireworks, or put them on sticks for real "pops"!

Cake pops from MyJuiceCup

I can't bake. Yeah, I just can't do it. I'm terrible at it. If it involves flour, theres a 95% chance I WILL mess it up. This may mean there is a shortage of treats in our house. That's probably good, right? The less in the house, the less you eat, and the fatter you don't get? hahahah. Well, since I can't bake, I won't be making these. I will gladly accept gifts though. They look delicious. ;-)

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