Outfit 6/8 Stripes and Fire Shoes

Can you tell from the first photo these pants are getting a bit too big on me? Most would say that's a good thing, but really... when you don't have the money to go blow on jeans, 
going through them so quickly is a little of a pain! haha.
Jeans are Amethyst brand from Debs. $7. Cheap, but you can tell. I can only wear these with shirts long enough to cover the front zipper, which falls down often. ;-)

 Shirt is GirlTalk, which I picked up at Buffalo Exchange while in Dallas.



Shoes:  Steve Madden
Bracelets: cheap kids beads (I have some stocked in every color for stacking)
Orange vintage bangle: thrifted
Ring: Craft fair. I wish I still had the business card, they sell on Etsy. (you can find something similar here)
Necklace: Thrifted. 

Last Thursday was my day off work to go pick my mom up to hang out. We went downtown thrifting, out to eat, and a few other fun places. This necklace was only $12! Completely perfect condition.
I absolutely HAD to have it. The beads are glass, the pendant is metal, and it's heavy.

Just now I went looking to find out how old this is. I know its vintage, but wasn't sure how old. Turns out that this $12 find is worth somewhere between $80-$120. bahaha. I scored!
KJL for Avon.
You can find a similar one for sale here.


  1. Oh WOW, look at that stripes!!! :)
    Cute top and I love your necklace, great find! x

    Simona Mar

  2. those shoes are so me, awesome! :) extra perfect because my husband would hate them and try to hide them from me. lol.