I haven't added a new post in in about a month. (yeah, yikes! We'll try not to dwell on that though) 
This is the first I've seen of the new blogger layout and it sure is different! 
I hope I'll get used to it pretty quickly. 
If you have your own blogger, do you feel it's easier and an improvement compared to the old layout? 

On another note, there has been an overload of butterflies in town. 
Friday was the worst. Well, I shouldn't say 'worst', after all, they are butterflies! Drive down any road and your windshield and bug guard end up coated in bug guts and butterfly wings. They're all starting to disappear again now except one particular type that I've seen. Going up the walkway to my house today the bushes were so full of them, it looked like the bush itself was moving! 
Very neat. I managed to grab a photo. 
There were easily 100+ butterflies all around me.

Inspired by Butterflies?

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  1. oh, i would so love to see a butterfly swarm like that! we only get them scattered about here. :)

  2. so pretty! and those hoards of butterflies in your town.. weird, maybe a little creepy! but pretty