outfit 4/28

I don't normally do any sort of outfit posts for this blog, even though I'd like to. On the weekdays, I sit in a cubicle at work for 8-10 hrs, so my choice of attire is normally jeans, sneakers, and a band tee shirt. Gasp and consider it lame but when you're sitting still that long, comfort is pretty high on the importance scale.

The other reason... No white walls to make for a decent backdrop. We really only have one room in the house with white walls. Currently, we're renting a pretty tiny house that has many quirky traits. First, the only room that has good wall space at the moment is the living room, but the walls are painted this terrible eggplant rose mixture. That is the closest I can get to a description, though there really are no exact words to describe it. Other traits include the inside/outside carpeting that's in the kitchen (yes, I said KITCHEN), and the fact there are only two closest in the whole house... one in each bedroom. Zero storage space.
Could I take photos outside? Probably. 
Can I take them outside at night after go the entire day without a camera around? Not so much. 

I'm probably leaving out the biggest reason I don't do the photo thing... I am not fond of being in front of the camera. To quote Ricky Bobby "I don't know what to do with my hands".
 I always feel awkward, and in return, the photos that come out look awkward. 

9pm on a Saturday night right before we're headed out to a few of our favorite bars/music venues to see friends and watch some good live music, I decided to take the plunge.

Black basic racer bank tank. Grey sleeveless vest, thrifted.
White striped Old Navy shorts.
Blue Simply Vera leggings.
Black Madden Girl boots.
Silver and rhinestone owl charm. Coral vintage beaded necklace.
Purple long dangle earrings from FiveLittleGems

 The result? The knowledge that I need to fix the lighting in the living room, and maybe take some time to study the art of the outfit photo.

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