Custom Color Headphones DIY

Ever want to know how to give your black plain earbuds a little bit of color?
Ok, maybe quite a bit of color...

Embroidery floss. 3 skeins
Earbuds or headphones

Do you remember making friendship bracelets when you were younger? 
These wrapped headphones were made the same way. If you don't quite remember the steps, here's a good place that shows you the swirly twirly pattern.
That's the process you're going to use.
I used 3 skeins of thread. One for the bottom piece (which was the perfect amount), and two for the top (and I had some left over).

Start at the top of one pair. 
Take your embroidery floss (or thread. or yarn. whatever you're using) and tie a double knot. 
Cut the extra trim off the short end.
Then tie one knot after another with your long piece, going down the wire, just like you would your friendship bracelet. Each tie will produce a tiny knot. Every few ties, turn your wire a little so that the knots create a swirl effect down the wire.

If you haven't done this technique before, it could take some practice. Maybe start out with some extra thread and try the original bracelet first.  With some experimenting, you can figure out how to get shorter or longer swirled knots by how often you "turn" the wire as you go.
Once you get to where the Y connects on your headphone wire, start going up the opposite side. 
You should end at the top of the other ear piece.
If you run out of thread, just tie another piece onto yours, trim the ends and keep going. 
It won't be noticeable in the final outcome.

Since my ear buds were yellow, I went with two colors for this. 
Yellow for the top and copper for the bottom.
Get creative! You can use one color, even use multiple pieces to get a striped look.

Last step? Plug into your ipod, and make everyone else jealous.

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  1. oooh, i need to put my daughters to work doing some of my headphones like this! very cool!