Did you keep up with the first season of Project Accessory? 
I'm not big on TV shows. I've never been one of those people who has to catch the newest episodes of their favorite show, or say "I can't go out tonight because I have to have the TV on at 8pm." It almost feels lazy to be that type of person. Almost like you're watching life go by for other people instead of living it yourself.
I made the mistake of turning on the TV on a Thursday night. 
It was the season premier of project accessory. I was dragged in. 
Very quickly I picked a few favorite designers. Both of them made it to the very end of the season. The girl, Nina, I picked mainly because of her awesome chain body harnesses she always wore.  I. seriously. love. them. The other, Rich, had a style that screamed to me. 
Very rough looking pieces. Metal work. Fantastic stuff.  His line is called Spragwerks.

Belt buckles that look like tail lights and break pedals. Rings fashioned into corests and wrenches.
Pendants sharpened into scissors and saws. 

 Not into jewelry? There are wallets, wine accessories, cheese knives, notebooks, and more. The whole brand carries a distinct style that can be seen in any of the pieces. Simple, yet detailed with an industrial feel.
Want to meet the guy behind the line I love so much? Everything can be bought online at spragwerks dot com. You can even read a little about him, his product, and how his background as a mechanic brought him into the word of jewelry.

Oh, and wondering what my favorite piece is? You can just go ahead and buy me this if you'd like.


  1. Never heard of the show - is it a "knock off" of Project Runway?

  2. Those are all really cool! He is very talented.

  3. i love these!! never watched the show, so thank you thank you for bringing these to my attention!

  4. i heard of him once... he's almost famous! very cool pieces.