Ombre Dyeing

Have you seen one of the latest trends to hit the runway? 

Many designers are incorporating this into recent designs.
(Designers featured, upper left and clockwise; Alexander McQueen, ADAM, Diane Von Furstenberg, Matthew Williamson, Diane Von Furstenberg, Badgeley Mischka) 

Interested in trying this out for yourself? It's a pretty simple DIY!

actually has a tutorial for this. 
You only need one color dye, 
and you get the transition
by leaving certain parts in the dye longer than others. 
Use a dowel rod to hold your fabric. It makes it easier to raise and lower into the dye. 
Plan on using a lot of dye? 
Invite over a group of friends to help use up the rest!
Make some drinks and 
have everyone bring an item to dye.

You can also use multiple colors to get the look. Over at
they used two different shades of blue.
It was perfect for obtaining this dip dyed denim look 
Kanye wore at the VMAs this year!

Get creative. 
This isn't limited to just tops and dresses. 
You can dip dye the ends of a scarf.
or he bottom of a pair of jeans.

Want to pull off this look without having to get out the buckets and alter your clothing? 
Get out the paints and grab some big bangle bracelets. 
You can pull this off with one color, mixing with white for a lighter look and black for a darker look.

Or, try it on your nails

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  1. I've always wanted to do dip dye ombre effect. Thanks for sharing this info!