Fair Food

The Texas State Fair is in some ways, just like any other state fair. There are rides, games, exhibits, museums, car shows, vendor booths...The thing that sets this particular state fair apart from the others? The fried food. It is well known for having the craziest fried food. Every year they even have awards handed out for the most creative and best tasting.
Chuck and I spent a weekend in Dallas and headed out on the fairs opening weekend. There was so much to choose from!! What would we want to try a sample of? The award winning fried bubblegum?(Most creative, though others have said it was terrible tasting.) Last years fried beer? Fried chicken skin? Fried salsa? The list goes on...

The first thing we went for won the Best Taste this year. Fried buffalo chicken flapjack. A piece of chicken that was shoved on a stick, and battered in a jalapeno buffalo pancake batter. Maple Syrup on the side for dipping.

We also grabbed up some fried ribs, and a Koolaid pickle.  Fried ribs were an epic fail.  They were pretty terrible. The fries were horrible as well.
The pickle on the other hand was pretty good. I may try to make up a batch myself!

We also had to have a funnel cake. I would show it to you but, well...

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