Button Ornaments

Tis the season! 
Wait... it isn't even Thanksgiving yet! Hmm... Oh well.
Anyone who knows me will tell you that they know I'm not too big on Christmas. For one, I'm not a fan of the colors red and green being combined in just about anything. 
I prefer "winter" decorations over "christmas" ones I guess you could say. 
Those icey blues and silvers are where it's at for me! Give me the beauty of snow and ice please. 

I also like decorations that are slightly out of the ordinary. 
Buttons? They're good for more than just keeping your clothes together. I came across three different ornaments that you can customize any way you want to for the perfect holiday look. They'd be cheap and easy to make for a color themed tree especially! 
The buttons used aren't really expensive. If you go into the craft store and  look hard enough (in Hobby Lobby they're near the scrap booking and embellishments) 
you'll be able to find pretty big bags of buttons for $6.

At Wendys Hat, she purchased clear bulbs that you can take the top cap off and fill with anything you'd like, as long as it's small enough to fit into that hole. 
The hat lady went with a classic white color that would fit in any setting. 
I do think these would look best when filled with 3 colors or less.
I love the classic look of this one.  Tie a ribbon to the top or add a metal hanger for your tree. 
This particular one has a tassle hanging down to spice it up a bit. 

I saw this piece on Curbly.
Styrofoam ball of any size.
Straight pins. (the kind you find in the sewing department)
Going multi color here sounds like a great idea. 
The contrasting colors on the overlapping pieces is perfect! 
To top this off, try taking a small piece of wire (jewelry wire, floral wire, anything) and making an upside down "U" shape with it. Stick the ends into the ball and add a dot of glue to keep them in place. Tie a ribbon bow onto your "U" to hide the wire, and add a hanger from there.
There are 4 other button ornament ideas on that website as well!

Modern Minerals came up with this little tree, after seeing the Martha Stewart mini button wreath ornament.  The big bag of buttons you can pick up has varying sizes included. Pick a color scheme, and start stacking! The author at MM used a plain piece of cord to string through the holes.  You do need to make sure what you're using is small enough to fit, and sturdy enough to hold it. Don't use thick leather or thin thread. I would suggest a piece of hemp perhaps.  You can glue or paint the tip so it stays stiff and moves through the holes easier. If you don't have any cord, hemp, or thin yarn... try a piece of medium thickness wire. 
A tiny star bead (or any bead) makes the perfect tree topper.


  1. Adorable ornaments!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Fabulous ideas...love the styrofoam ball with buttons. Now I need to go shopping for some balls and buttons:):)

  3. Wow thanks for sharing! Nice to meet you and your fun and creative blog!

  4. Do you get the buttons at a craft store?