Wichita Mountains

We made one last trip to the mountains this year before it started getting a little cold. 
It was the weekend after they got the fire out. There was a huge fire in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma. When I say huge, I mean, I think it burned over 40,000 acres. That's quite a bit of land. 

After doing a short search I came across this photo, which I did not take.

Credit for this goes to this photosteam
Looks like it's the view of a piece of the area from Fort Sill.

Here are a few photos that I did take.
The first few show what most of the ground looked like as we were driving. It's insane how a fire can hit one side of the road, and not the other... or go in a complete circle, but miss a 5x5 patch in the middle. 
This past summer has been fairly bad with fires in the southwest.

Usually we spot lots of buffalo. This trip, we only saw a few.  The rest must have been in hiding!
But, there were plenty of longhorns. 
And you can't forget the prairie dogs!!
I leave you with a photo of me.
Lets ignore the fact that one of my shirts was pulled down oddly too much in the back. hah.


  1. Neat photos! I've never been out west (well, ok, when I was three, but I don't remember it). Looks so interesting! Love the prairie dogs!

    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams
    Etsy Blog Team

  2. Great pictures. I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life and I think I'm just a few hours from the Witchita mountains but I don't think I've ever been there.

  3. Wow! Look at all those prairie dogs! Cool. I've never seen even one before. Great post!
    from Blogging Buddies team

  4. Gorgeous photos, especially the one with the lone tree in the middle

  5. It's so crazy how a fire can spread so fast, and then randomly leave a patch unharmed. Great photos. I like seeing the photos of animals.