Someone keep me mooootivated please!!! haha

I'm terrible at keeping up with this blog. 
Working 50 hours a week and trying to upkeep two etsy shops takes a lot out of you! 
Blogging is a little bit of a relaxing break though, so I know I need to keep up with it better.
 I'll try harder, promise ;-)

Vest: thrifted at Buffalo Exchange
Shirt: lace sleeve boatneck from Rue 21.
Capris: Rue 21.
All three pieces cost about $25 combined. Paired with studded sandals (paprika brand), lots of bracelets, and my brand new necklace from Etsy. (more on that later!!)

Most of last nights outfit. I didn't think about taking a photo until after I got home, at 2am.  Contacts were already out, and shoes were already off. Oh well! This is the first tiny vest I've worn in awhile. I have one or two others, but they aren't as 'tight'. I thrifted this down in Dallas at Buffalo Exchange last week. This is the smallest I've been since about my Junior year in high school.  I'm just now starting to feel comfortable in more body hugging clothes. Maybe more of them to come. I have about 2 sizes left to lose.

Above mentioned necklace. I have a love for anything Stephen Gammell. He's the guy who did all the art in the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books. You may recognize this from the cover of the first book. I found an Etsy shop who had it in her shop. I'm not quite sure if that's copy write infrindgement or not, but, I wanted it. Not too happy with the illegal use of a priority mailer turned inside out to ship it 1st class.... but.. yeah.

Nakia. I saw he was coming to Iron Horse and had no idea who he was, but someone said he was famous so I googled. He was on The Voice. He sounded awesome, so since it's a normal weekend place for us, we decided to go check it out. Very glad we went! Since all I heard on youtube were covers he played on The Voice, I really didn't know what to expect. It was blues. GOOD blues. Sadly, I really do not like music that makes me want to fall asleep while I'm drinking a beer, so about half of what they played I was fairly bored while watching. The more upbeat songs had my attention though. You can't tell from the photo, but Nakia is wearing sunglasses here. Wearing sunglasses while playing in a bar at night is kind of like wearing an Ed Hardy shirt to me... you don't do it unless you want to look like a Dbag. Thankfully, he ditched them a few songs in. Their guitar player is where it's at though. That guy was fantastic. Very fantastic. 
They didn't play too much that I recognized. A good amount was original. 
I did manage to snag a 1 minute video of a cover of Sex is on Fire though. (kings of leon)
I like it better than the original!

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