Golden Book Gown

What do you do when you come across books that can no longer be read?
 Most throw them away if there are enough pages torn out or damaged.
What is a better idea? Find something new you can do with them.
Turn them into a dress.

That is exactly what Ryan Novelline came up with.
He collected little Golden Books and designed a dress made out of them. Even the little golden book spines make up the bodice of this dress. Each piece is sewn together, and even organized by color stripes.
The perfect mix and example of sustainable fashion.

Interested in reading the entire story?
You can see detailed shots of the process at Ryans website!
While over there, take a peek at the rest of his site.


Cupcakes in a Jar

Ever want to know how to make a cupcake in a jar without having to stick the jar itself in the oven? Here's a great post on how to do it. I recently purchased one of these lovelies from someone online. Through my experience with it, I recommend going a little lighter on the frosting, or doing multiple layers. Perhaps make the frosting "airy" and don't pack it, there is nothing worse then a mouth full of thick frosting with no cake in it!

Once you have the idea down, play around with it and try a recipe that is a little more healthy! The one above uses Paula Deans.

Here's one from Eating Well



Day, n
A period of twenty-four hours
mostly misspent. 
                                                       ~Ambrose Bierce


First Date

Are we like those bored couples
you feel sorry for
in restaurants? Are we the dining 

Quote from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Print from OriginalYouth


In The Trees

There is always Music
amongst the trees
in the Garden,
but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.
                                                                         ~Minnie Aumonier


Review: LanaBella

I've decided that since I buy so many items off Etsy, i'd start doing short reviews for some of them!
One of my very first purchases through Heartsy was from LanaBella.
I have a lipgloss addiction, and it's very rare to come across lipgloss made in small quantities that is smooth and amazing. Most of what i've come across is sticky, goey, and horrible to use. But this stuff? AMAZING. I nabbed the Black Cherry, which has a slight tint to it, as well as the vanilla mint which goes on clear.

Black Cherry has been my favorite. It's a subtle hint of color and a gorgeous gloss. I wear it everywhere, and I will be getting more as soon as I run out! Both of these really do hold the flavor they say as well.

I also bought these Renewing Cleansing Grains. Verdict? From the description, it says
 "Suitable for all skin types, Renewing Cleansing Grains are specially formulated to gently revitalize the complexion and improve appearance by tightening the skin, removing dead cells, and uncloging pores."
Well, I have no idea what it does. Alls I know is that my face is super smooth after I use it! I have pretty sensitive skin, and this hasn't bothered me at all. Directions say to mix 1-2 teaspoons with water, but I can assure you, you need MUCH less then that, making this go pretty far!
It's a little messy, so I mix mine in a tiny container instead of my hand.

Side note. I made four purchases. The 4th was a shampoo bar. I haven't had any luck with these anywhere yet and this wasn't an exception. It didn't lather at all, and my hair felt horribly greasy and waxy after I used it, so I won't bother adding a photo. I tried it twice just to be sure. I think it would work GREAT as a dread lock shampoo though! It just left my hair covered in a thin layer of ickyness. I do have odd hair though, and it's sensitive to some products. Not all is lost, it's currently bring used as hand soap next to my sink. :-)

Interested in checking our LanaBella? You can visit her store here!