Golden Book Gown

What do you do when you come across books that can no longer be read?
 Most throw them away if there are enough pages torn out or damaged.
What is a better idea? Find something new you can do with them.
Turn them into a dress.

That is exactly what Ryan Novelline came up with.
He collected little Golden Books and designed a dress made out of them. Even the little golden book spines make up the bodice of this dress. Each piece is sewn together, and even organized by color stripes.
The perfect mix and example of sustainable fashion.

Interested in reading the entire story?
You can see detailed shots of the process at Ryans website!
While over there, take a peek at the rest of his site.


  1. Wow, that is impressive. I have a ton of Little Golden books that my kid no longer reads but I never would have thought to use them for a dress.

  2. Is amazing! But how about the rain :P