Ill Nino and 9Electric

That's pretty much what the entire drive from Wichita Falls to Lubbock looks like. 
All 4 hours of it. 
Worth it for getting to see my favorite band, Ill Nino, since the first time I saw them, about 10 years ago?

Sadly, their drummer, Dave, was the only one who actually showed his face before or after the show. Everyone else went straight to and from the bus. The band that opened for them was fairly amazing though. Their music is 'good', but their stage energy and the fact they wanted to mingle with fans made them 'great'. I went with my bestie, Tayler. I was smart enough to pick someone who I could have a ton of fun with. 
Met a few old friends there, and met a few new ones too! Over all, a great trip.



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