Wear a Hair Fairytale


Meet Theresa
Designer and owner of DeLoop, Theresa makes hair accessories and enjoys going hunting for amazing vintage finds. Her "day job" is being in front of a camera, so she usually models most of her products herself. (Does she look familiar? You've probably seen her during an NFL game or maybe on your favorite cop drama)

Looking for an accessory to help make you feel like a fairytale princess?
Or maybe you want your hair to look gorgeous and have something holding it back that will match your wedding dress perfectly.

I leave you with wise words Theresa once gave me.

"Do not use a hatchet to
remove a fly
from your friends head"



  1. ahhh haaa, i love it! you are too much, the hatchet quote :) LOL ... I love it

  2. Love it! Awesome feature Kat and Theresa!

  3. What a great post! Wedding or not, I think EVERYONE needs one of Theresa's hair accessories!

  4. I think Theresa and Kat are both fairy princesses.