It's about time I got a camera that actually works. Up until this, I was either borrowing one from a friend or trying to use my camera that had a busted screen-and no viewfinder. The big joke was "point-click and hope you get something in the screen!". That's no fun so I'm glad to finally have this beauty!

One of the first things it was used for was to photograph all these new scarves and scraps I've been working on. Upcycled tee shirt scarves. I suppose you could do this with new jersey material, but I really enjoy recycling. A tee shirt that no one will ever wear because it has a hole or tear in it, or maybe had paint or dye drip down the front. The material is still usable, just not so great in its original form. I've been collecting tee shirts and now my evenings are filled with mixing and matching colors, cutting strips of fabric and looping them to create some awesome scarves.

After making a few, I still needed something to do with the leftover scraps of fabric. After all, I'm not using new fabric for a reason! I love the idea of trashion. Upcycle. Recycle. Being able to make use out of things that are still good instead of sending them to the landfill. The perfect solution seemed to be to cut different sized circle pieces and sew them together. Add a few buttons to the center and you've got cute little flowers. Glue a small clip onto the back it turns them into a matching accessory for your scarves! Or make some matching ones and clip them onto shoes, purses, shirts, and headbands.
I'm no good at tutorials, so if you're interested in seeing how it's done you can check out youtube to find a video tut. I saw it on Instructables, but since they've taken the tutorial down. The next best one I could find is this one on craftster. Necklace tutorial on craftster


  1. Hi fellow Texan. This post hits home. I struggled with a crappy camera for so long. My son is a photography student at Rochester Institute of Technology, and gave his first camera, a Canon Rebel, to me for Christmas. Now, I just have to figure out to use it. He won't tutor me!

  2. Haha I understand! Rochester as in New York? If so, that's actually close to where I grew up. Mine is a Canon Rebel too. It's my first dsrl and my way of learning is to change setting and click and hope I get a cool picture and can remember how I took it. hehe. I COULD read the manual, buuuut I don't ever real manuals for anything, so why start now? :-)